Anger, hatred, jealousy... they burn more easily than dry leaves.
Biographical Information
Kanji ズンダー
Horoscope Leo
Birthday August 18th
Affiliation Conquest Club
Relatives Dadacha (younger brother)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Likes Escargot (snails)
Special Abilities
Attribute N/A
Transformation (Japanese) N/A
Anime In The Name Of Love
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Yasumoto

Zundar (ズンダー ~ Zunda) is a hedgehog-like alien, commander of the Conquest Club and the main antagonist of the show until the last episode where it's revealed he's actually nothing more than one of Lord Hireashi's subordinates. He has arrived on Earth from an unknown, faraway planet with the mission to conquer it. He looks like a terran hedgehog, but is a yellowish green and when it speaks, it finishes every sentence with "dar".


Zundar appears a green hedgehog with an arrow-like shape on his head. When talking, he doesn't move his mouth, and instead only his snout moves.


Zundar appears as someone possessing Commander-like qualities, proven as he was the one directing the actions of the Conquest Club. However, Episode 12 reveals that he can be a respected commander like a faithful subordinate in regard to Hireashi. He has a strong hatred for love, seeing it along with his commander as a "stupid emotion".


  • Zundar may be a slight corruption of "Thunder", but the origin of his name remains undiscovered for now. It is also possible that his name refers to zunda, a kind of green mochi.
  • From season 1 episode 12 Zundar has been showed to not necessarily need the help of the conquest club to activate his Zundar needles.
  • Although Zundar did mention at some point his Zundar needles are precious and that he does not wish to waste them too much, the last episode shows him using a considerable amount of them in order to free Hireashi from Gōra Hakone's grasp. This gives us a likely proof to think the aforementioned argument was just part of the mise-en-scène.
  • His name is a reference to zunda mochi.[1]