Wario Hashida

2.2. Hashida Wario

2.3. Hashida Wario

Biographical Information
Kanji 橋田 割男
Affiliation The Loveless
School Binan High
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Likes Order, Rules, Asymmetry
Dislikes Pi, things that aren't dividable, disposable chopsticks
Special Abilities
Attribute Disposable chopsticks ・ Asymmetry
Transformation (Japanese) 割り箸怪人
Transformation (Romaji) Waribashi kaijin
Transformation (English) Disposable Chopsticks Phantom
Anime Love is Something You should Never Regret
Voice Actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi

Hashida Wario (橋田 割男) is a student at Binan High. He appears in Episode 2.

He is the antagonist of Episode 2, and transforms into a Chopstick Phantom.


Wario has short golden brown hair with short bangs that barely cover his forehead. He has thick eyebrows and blue eyes. He is seen wearing his uniform.

As a Loveless, he appears as a one-eyed creature made of asymmetric disposable chopsticks, earning his evil name Splittable Wood Chopsticks Monster (割り箸怪人, Waribashi Kaijin).


Wario is the kind of person who seems strict and fierce, his thoughts often drifts off to matters of indivisibility.

As Zundar states, his narrow-mindedness permits no compromise which implies that he is not willing to set aside his differences and accept the way things are. His narrow-mindedness leads him to desire perfection in the things he does.


Hashida Wario appears in Episode 2.He prefers a world of order and rules, hates Pi (π) because it cannot be divided evenly and hates families with 3 children because when its birthday or chirstmas, there are 7 people around, sharing a cake making it impossible to divide the pieces equally. As a monster, he strongly believes things that are not divisible, that is warped or unequal; should multiply, distort and destroy the world. 

He tries to deter the Defense Club's attempts to defeat him.

Special Attacks

  • Asymmetric Beam


  • His entire name, Hashida Wario (橋田 割男), like most of The Loveless characters, is related to his theme and transformation.
    • The kanji character for chopsticks (箸) is also read as hashi.
    • Wario (割男) can be roughly translated as proportion/divisible-man.