I'll.... tear it all apart... That friendship crap...
Shou Komi
Komi Shou
Biographical Information
Kanji 古見 翔
Affiliation The Loveless
School Binan High
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Maroon
Personal Status
Hobbies N/A
Special Abilities
Attribute N/A
Transformation (Japanese) ひきこもり怪人
Transformation (Romaji) Hikikomori Kaijin
Transformation (English) Socially withdrawn Phantom
Anime Love Wanders!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Shou Komi (古見 翔 ~ Komi Shou) is a second year at Binan High and a school drop-out, who became a shut-in (hikikomori) for some reason.


Shou lives in an apartment that is placed right above the convenience store, ran by his father. He debuts as a loveless in Episode 8, where he was shown surfing the net in his dark room on a website that appeared to be a domain for fellow hikikomoris.

According to Ryuu, he transferred schools at the end of first term, right after which he was down with flu and stopped going to school. He seems to hate the whole idea of "friendships" and "best friends", where he was seen losing his cool as a monster on hearing En talk on how he was furious with himself for losing his best friend to some silly fight.


  • His name, like all other The Loveless characters, reference to his character. His name can be spelled out with different set of characters, コミ障, which comes from "komyu-shou" (コミュ障), which is short for "komyunikeeshon shougai" (コミュニケーション障害), which means "communication disorder" in Japanese.