Ryōma Kirishima

Ryōma Kirishima Head

Biographical Information
Kanji 霧島 龍馬
Rōmaji Kirishima Ryōma
Horoscope Cancer
Birthday July 18
Affiliation Karurusu Knights
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color green
Hair Color orange
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Hobbies Taking care of others
Likes "Getanha" cakes, cleaning
Special Abilities
Attribute Orange · Stars
Transformation (English) Magic Knight of the Stars, Stella Kiss!
Anime The Suddenness of HAPPY! KISS
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryōga Komata

Ryōma Kirishima is a second year at Binan High School. He seems like a stable person but is a pushover. His inability to say "no" lands him in the mysterious "Earth Defense Club." He has a teasable personality, so Wakura in particular will take advantage of this. He can't turn his back on his childhood friend Shuzenji.

His given element is the Stars, and he transforms into Magic Knight of the Stars, Stella Kiss!