Oyaji Igarao

Igarao Oyaji 01

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! - 04 -720p- 1964

Biographical Information
Kanji 五十顔 親治
Birthday N/A
Affiliation The Loveless (Temporarily)
School Binan High
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Black (as a normal person) / Blue (as a monster)
Hair Color Black / Pink
Personal Status
Likes Youthful Appearances
Dislikes Being mistaken as an older man
Special Abilities
Attribute N/A
Transformation (Japanese) 美少年怪人
Transformation (Romaji) Bishounen Kaijin
Transformation (English) Handsome Monster
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Kōsuke Toriumi

 Oyaji Igarao (五十顔  親治, Igarao Oyaji) appears in Episode 4 and is a student of Binan High, turned later into a loveless by the Conquest Club.

He is the Antagonist of Episode 4, and transforms into a Bishōnen Phantom.


As a normal person, he appears to be aged, often being mistaken as a middle-aged man though he is a normal student like the rest. However as a monster, he appears to have a youthful appearance with pink hair and cerulean blue eyes.


He doesn't like being mistaken as an older man, and states that he too would love to have a younger looking face. He gets upset easily when others mistake him for an older person, implying that he may be conscious of his appearance, which reflects when he creates an illusion on himself to appear more youthful.

As a monster, he holds himself in high regards and is seen jeering at the lot who he turned into children.


His loveless form appears as a youthful man with pink hair and blue eyes. When he is under that form, he is able to turn everybody in the area into children. It is however later revealed that his youthful face is nothing other than an illusion, and that even as a loveless, his old-looking face remains still.


  • His name, like all other The Loveless characters, reference to his character:
    • Igarao (十五顔) literally translates to "50-year-old face".
    • Oyaji (親治), comes from 親父, also read as oyaji, which is a Japanese term that means "old man".