Nanao Wakura

Nanao Wakura Head

Biographical Information
Kanji 和倉 七緒
Rōmaji Wakura Nanao
Horoscope Virgo
Birthday September 17
Affiliation Karurusu Knights
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Hobbies Tea
Likes Japanese sweets, teasing others
Special Abilities
Attribute Green · Moon
Transformation (English) Magic Knight of the Moon, Luna Kiss!
Anime The Suddenness of HAPPY! KISS
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahide Ishii

Nanao Wakura is a third year at Binan High School, and current president of the defense club. He is always smiling. For some reason, no one can say no to him. He may get stressed due to silence. He loves to tease Kirishima.

His given element is the Moon, and he transforms into Magic Knight of the Moon, Luna Kiss!