"Well? Won't you arabesque with me?
Moteo Kurotori

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Moteo Kurotori 05

Biographical Information
Kanji 黑鳥 持手男
Affiliation The Loveless
School Binan High
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Status
Hobbies N/A
Likes Being popular
Dislikes Heaviness
Special Abilities
Attribute N/A
Transformation (Japanese) ブラックスワン怪人
Transformation (Romaji) Burakkusuwan Kaijin
Transformation (English) Black Swan Monster
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Kōji Yusa

 Kurotori Moteo (黒  持手男) is a club adviser of the Ballet club at Binan High. He appears in Episode 3 of the anime.

He is the antagonist of Episode 3, and transforms into a Black Swan Phantom.


Moteo has a darker yellow shade of hair combed backwards, allowing the front portions to fall as curls over the sides of his face. He has blue eyes, He wears a white french styled top with frills at the bottom of his full length sleeves and wears a red cufflink around his neck, with a green jewel embedded into it. A frilly scarf is tied from beneath his red cufflink, seen below his neck. He wears a pair of skin tight black ballet pants and a pair of black ballet shoes.


Moteo is very flamboyant and self-obsessed as shown in episode 3. He is also selfish as he only wanted people to join his club so that his disciples would vote for him.

When he turns into a Loveless, his only attack is something that makes people hit with his feathers love him.


Kurotori Moteo wants the people around to shower him with love. He makes his first appearance at Yumoto's onsen, where he introduces himself through a monologue. The principal made a mistake of hiring him as a club advisor of Binan High, because a volley ball club advisor was needed, but he hires a ballet club advisor. 

Kurotori Moteo was seen distributing pamplets to recruit members for his Ballet Club. Ryuu and Io were each given pamplets by him. According to him, if they (Ryuu and Io) were to join, they would gain popularity with girls and guys alike in the ratio 90% vs 10% and make profits off of recital entrance fees and merchandise. Arima states, that Kurotori's motive wasn't to gain members for his Ballet Club. It was to gain "fans" to cast him votes at Binan High's 'Pretty Boy Contest'. He spends a lot on the papers for his pamphlets.

Special Attacks

His only attack is an attack that shoots black feathers at it's targets. Those who are hit with it, instantly become smitten with him. This attack worked on all the Battle Lovers, except Yamoto who was immune to it.


  • His name, like all other The Loveless characters, reference to his character:
    • Kurotori (黒鳥 ) literally translates to "black swan".
    • Moteo (持手男), comes from モテ男, also read as moteo, which is a Japanese term that means "popular boy" (モテ popular, 男 boy).