Lord Hireashi
Lord Hireashi
Biographical Information
Kanji ヒレアシ
Birthday N/A
Affiliation Press Society
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Hobbies N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Special Abilities
Transformation (English) N/A
Anime To Steal Love Without Regret
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Ōtake

Lord Hireashi is a talking fish alien and the true antagonist of the series, associated with the Press Society. He set up an intergalactic reality show focused on the fights between the Earth Defense Club and Conquest Club, with Kou Kinosaki and Tazawa as his subordinates.


Hireashi is showed to be very laid-back and enjoying fun, as well as someone desiring attention at all costs, showed to be freaking out whenever the viewers of one of his shows drop. His need for attention was probably one of the main reasons Hireashi started the whole thing.

After he is defeated, he makes a promise to the Battle Lovers to produce better and healthier TV shows.


He makes his debut as a seemingly ordinary pet fish owned by the Press Society in Episode 5, and appears in the following episodes where the Kou Kinosaki and Masuya Tazawa are involved as well. However, it is revealed in Episode 10 that he is another animal-like alien, similar to Wombat and Zundar, and Kinosaki and Tazawa are well aware of this.

In Episode 11's preview, it is showed that Zundar refers to him as "Commander", which hints that Hireashi and the Press Society's intentions are darker than what they seem. Episode 12 reveals everything about his plans. The whole scenery between the Battle Lovers and the Conquest Club was made up as part of a giant reality show, created by himself. He had previously made an attempt on making a reality show focused on Earth called: "Can I Destroy the Earth?" but his plans and show were foiled by Gōra Hakone who appeared as the previous generation of Battle Lovers, defeating all monsters Hireashi sent on the Earth. This caused the show's popularity to drop, and was eventually cancelled out, causing Hireashi's falldown.

He soon made a second attempt with his subordinate Zundar, recording the continuous fights between the Conquest Club and Battle Lovers for the viewers of the Universe's entertainment, from the friendship existing between Kinshiro Kusatsu and Atsushi Kinugawa to their opposition and duel, which appeared as the most popular point of the show as stated by himself.


  • Hireashi (ヒレアシ) is the Japanese name for "Heliornithidae"[1], also known as "finfoots", which is a small family of tropical birds with webbed lobes on their feet like those of grebes and coots[2].
  • Hire means ‘fin’ and ashi can mean ‘evil’ or ‘money’ or a bunch of other things.[3]


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