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Kou Kinosaki
Kou kinosaki 3624
Biographical Information
Kanji 城崎 コウ
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birthday December 7
Affiliation The Press Society
School Binan High
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Violet
Personal Status
Hobbies N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Special Abilities
Attribute N/A
Transformation (English) N/A
Anime To Steal Love Without Regret
Voice Actors
Japanese Showtaro Morikubo

Kou Kinosaki (城崎 コウ  Kinosaki Kou) is a member of the "Press Society" (PS abbrev.) together with Masuya Tazawa. He debuts in episode 5, appearing as a recurring character.


Kou has short purple hair that appears slightly longer on either sides, curled upwards right above his ears and two portions of hair sliding down in front of his ears. His eyes appear to have a reddish pink colour to it. 



Kinosaki being punched by Akoya.

Being inquisitive in nature, Kou is the kind of person who wants to get to the depth of things and to use the information gained to his own benefit, which is not known as of yet. 

He believes in rooting out the truth and conveying the same in an elaborate, minute detail. In addition, he also seems to have a penchant for tricking people to giving into his requests as seen when he declares that he has received the defense club's consent to get them covered on camera by stating that they (the defense club) have by themselves given consent by "speaking good" about the Press Club's project, which was taken by Kou as an affirmative response. 

He is shown to be too presumptuous, both of his questions and behaviour and displays lack of consideration towards the members of the Defense Club. He develops his own conclusions to things as seen when he questions En about his special skills and favourite food and on receiving "nothing in particular" as a reply, he verbally concludes that it means "No real skills"/ "no favourite food", implying that he takes words literally for what they mean. He is also seen making side comments which are often too straight-forward, honest and intrusive. 

He is also possibly shown to be more self-aware and might have a dislike towards indecent behaviour when it comes to himself. Inspite of portaying himself to be a nosy character, he listens to the defense club when they asked him to take care of Mr. Tawarayama's body, and shows slight fright on seeing him rise up all of a sudden, which may also imply that Kinosaki may actually be a normal person with no extensive knowledge on extraordinary powers and such.


Kou was first seen at Binan High School's Control Room watching footages of the Earth's Defense Club in their transformed avatars, noting that their identities aren't visible to a normal person in videos or in pictures because they (the defense club in their avatars) were being protected by means of blurring their faces and altering their speech patterns in order to prevent theimselves from being exposed as protectors of the universe. This prompts him to consider and view this whole aspect as something interesting for him conduct further research on.

Next, when Yumoto was seen scrubbing away the mold from Mr. Tawarayama's body from the Defense club room window, the press society had a picture clicked of him, using this as an evidence to question the Defense Club for their actions.

Kou was then seen knocking on the doors to their clubroom, and was accompanied by Masuya Tazawa by his side. He introduces himself as a member of the Press Society. On being questioned by Atsushi Kinugawa, he states that he publishes online articles for Binan High School Press Society about daily lives on campus. He then shows them a website called "Binan Web" on his tab which is hosted him. He claims that he wanted to make a new project to research on the "bonds" between distinctive teachers and students around them, calling the project as "Beloved Teachers". He displays his supposed passion on the bond shared between Students and Teachers. He further states that the Press Society is often misunderstood, given the cause they stand for. 

He was seen interviewing Mr. Tawarayama in the clubroom with questions involving the Defense Club, his death unknown to the Press Club. On not getting any response from the person being interviewed, the defense club made attempts to get the Press Society to leave the place by subtly letting them know that they were being too brazen. 

He interviews the Defense Club members the next day, not sparing them a moment of rest, thus ensuing chaos for the characters. 

They were later shown visiting Yumoto's hot spring resort to find out more about the Defense Club.


  • Kinosaki is a hot spring resort in Hyogo in Japan.[1]
  • His first name is a homophone for benefit/result.[2]