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Ichiban Itsumo

Itsumo ichiban 01

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Love! - 06 20145

Biographical Information
Kanji 逸茂 一番
Affiliation The Loveless
School Binan High
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Green
Personal Status
Hobbies Studies
Special Abilities
Transformation (Japanese) ネジ怪人
Transformation (Romaji) Neji Kaijin
Transformation (English) Bolt Phantom
Anime Love is Something You Wear on Your Back
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenichi Suzumura

Ichiban Itsumo (逸茂 一番 ~ Itsumo Ichiban) is a second year student at Binan High, along with Ryuu and Io. 

He is the Antagonist of Episode 6, and transforms into a Bolt Phantom.


Itsumo appears to have a short dark green coloured hair with bangs equally covering his forehead and brown coloured eyes.


He appears to be conceited, as he always considers himself to be the number one. He also seems to have a low tolerance for failures, as seen when he placed second in his final exams, thus breaking his records of achieving the 1# rank. He also seems to be the introverted type, as seen when his classmates often note that he mumbles things to himself and appears to be creepy because of his odd way of talking. He doesn't appear to socalize much.


  • His name, like all other The Loveless characters, reference to his character:
    • Itsumo (逸茂), comes from いつも, also read as itsumo, which is a Japanese term that means "always".
    • Ichiban (一番) literally translates to "best", or "first/number 1".