Ibushi Arima

2.1. Ibushi Arima

2.2. Ibushi Arima

Ibushi Arima Game

Biographical Information
Kanji 有馬燻
Horoscope Scorpio
Birthday November 10
Affiliation Conquest Club
School Binan High
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 184cm
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Dark Green
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Hobbies Backgammon
Likes Gardening, carbonated rice crackers
Dislikes Snails
Special Abilities
Attribute Rustling Wind · Silver
Transformation (Japanese) 風薫る白銀のシュヴァリエ アージェント
Transformation (Romaji) Kazekaoru Hakugin no Shuvarie, Ājento
Transformation (English) The Silver Chevalier, Argent
Anime In The Name of Love
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Jun Fukuyama

Ibushi Arima (有馬燻 ~ Arima Ibushi) is a 3rd year at Binan High School. He is the Student Council Vice President, and seems to understand the troubles of Kinshiro the most, standing by his side as if he were a butler[1].

His given color is Silver, and he transforms into "The Silver Chevalier, Argent" (Kazekaoru Hakugin no Shuvarie, Ājento)


Ibushi has thick dark green hair the goes down to his collar. His bangs are bushy and parted on the left side of his head. Ibushi has crimson eyes and stud earrings in both ears. He is the tallest of the student council members, along with the defense club members.

He can normally be seen in a pair of long white pants, a white uniform tunic which he has zipped up and a pair of white shoes.

Chevalier Argent S1

Chevalier Argent’s military-styled uniform in Season 1

When he transforms into The Silver Chevalier, Argent, he wears a black military-styled coat with red and gold cufflinks, a pair of white silk gloves, tight black pants which are tucked into his pair of over the knee height black boots with red straps at the top to keep them in place.

Chevalier Argent S2

Chevalier Argent’s military-styled uniform in Season 2

Season 1 showed in the near end of Episode 12 and again in Season 2 episode 11. Ibushi’s Chevalier military-styled uniform is now white coat with gold cufflinks, a pair of white silk gloves, tight white pants which are tucked into his pair of over the knee height white boots with white straps at the top to keep them in place.


Ibushi is a passive young man that acts as a butler to Kinshiro, even advising him in times of distress or confusion. He's shown to be an excellent cook and serves exquisite food to Kinshiro and Akoya. Also portraying as a laid-back individual, Arima is seen as slightly clueless and uninterested. He is also a peacemaker, as seen in episode 9 when he seems to be unnerved with the growing argument between his two fellow Student Council Members. However, he can be somewhat sinister; in the manga, Akoya once described Ibushi as 'creepy'.

Like Kinshiro and Akoya, he is known to have high standards though not as passionate. With Kinshiro, he seems to be protective around him.

Chevalier Powers

Along with the call of "Conquest!" (コンクエスト! Konkuesuto!), Ibushi transforms by holding a rhombus (◊) shaped ring located on index finger of his right hand.

His given colour is Silver, his attribute is Wind and he transforms into The Chevalier Argent the silver knight that is fragrant of the wind.


  • Ultima Adamas: (ウルティマ・アダマス Urutima adamasu)

A group attack that is performed with Chevalier Aurite, Argent and Perlite. Caerula Adamas Each of their rapiers releases a ray of each of their image colors.

  • He can also make a chain-like barrier to block attacks from enemies.[2]



  • Chevalier Argent fights with rapier as his weapon.

Rapier: Argent fights with rapier as his weapon. Each of the Chevaliers carries their own rapier which they can summon instantly, they all look the same.


  • Butler's Philosophy Ibushi‘s Character image song
  • 3 meters worth distance of the heart (I miss you の3メートル, miss you no 3 mētoru) Ibushi‘s solo version [4]



  • Arima (有馬) is one of Kansai region's most popular onsen/hotspring resort in Japan and is also one of the oldest.
  • He did know Kinshiro when they were younger, but sadly, was forgotten by Kinshiro in high school.
  • He often brews tea for the Conquest Club.
  • In the manga, it is revealed that Arima is unnerved by snails to the point that he is incapable of saying the word itself. In the anime, he seems much calmer. This is because of an incident when he accidentally stepped on one when he was still a child which then scarred him for life.
  • His first name means ‘oxidation’, and the word ‘ibushi’ shows up in terms like oxidised silver.[5]


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