You, who befoul our beloved Earth!
En Yufuin


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En Yufuin Game

Biographical Information
Kanji 由布院煙
Horoscope Cancer
Birthday July 2nd
Affiliation Defense Club
School Binan High
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 183cm
Eye Color Cerulean Blue
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Likes Sleeping in, Hot Spring Manju
Special Abilities
Attribute Blue · Water
Transformation (Japanese) ヒラメキ王子バトラヴァ・セルリアン
Transformation (Romaji) Hirameki Ouji, Batorava Serurian
Transformation (English) Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean
Anime In The Name Of Love
Manga Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuichiro Umehara

En Yufuin (由布院煙, Yufuin En) is a 3rd year at Binan High School. He does everything at his own pace, and is a master of being a sloth.[1] Atsushi, despite having the opposite personality, is a good friend such that they call each other "Atsushi" and "Enchan".[1] He's a kid that can get the job done when put to the test, but the will to do something is hard to come by.[1]

His given element is Water, and he transforms into "Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean" (Hirameki Ouji, Battle Lover Cerulean)


En has dirty blonde hair that goes down to his collar and his bangs are parted to his sides with a single strand going down the middle of his forehead. En also has blue eyes and is one of the tallest of the Earth Defense Club.

He wears a pair of long black pants, a white shirt that isn't tucked into his pants, a black uniform blazer which he leaves unbuttoned which also includes a red pocket square and a pair of brown shoes.

When he transforms into Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean, he wears a traditional prince-styled top with white puffed up sleeves that have blue, flipped up cuffs with base extensions in the form of six coat tails which have a blue underside, a blue bow just below his neck that has a small, blue, heart-shaped jewel with wings, embedded into it, a frilly white undershirt that barely peaks out of his traditional prince-styled top, a pair of white silk gloves, tight white pants which are tucked into his pair of blue boots, which have a section of white clipped on at the sole and heel.


His personality is the total opposite to Kinugawa's serious one. En possesses a very laid back personality, though if there should arise a situation that demands his utmost attention, he can be extremely vigilant & sharp-minded, displaying leader-like qualities when his team members need it. He is rarely angry and is accepting of most things.

In episode 8, it is shown that En has rather extreme ways of venting his anger and sorrow.

Battle Lover Powers


  • En's last name, "Yufuin" (由布院), is derived from an onsen (hot spring) resort in Japan located about ten kilometers inland from Beppu, another much larger and more developed hot spring resort. [1]
  • It is stated that En is afraid of cockroaches and immediately panics when he sees one.[2][3]
  • Atsushi states that En likes seafood curry.[3]
  • According to Yumoto, he has long eyelashes.
  • His first name, "En" (煙) literally translates to "smoke".


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