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How The Conquest Club Became Caerula Adamas

  • It was shown in the web manga series Binan Koukou Chikyuu Seifuku bu Love! that is was Kinshiro who found Zundar one rainy day.
  • It was also revealed in the web manga that it was Zundar who gave Kinshiro and the other student council members their Conquest Rings as well as encouragement and guidance for them to form the Conquest Club and become Chevaliers with their activities that set in motion the events for season one of the anime series.
  • Each Chevalier has a different Transformation when he puts on their Conquest Ring.
  • When they put their Conquest Rings together with the Zundar Needle created by Zundar, they can turn a person that has conflicts in their emotions to become Loveless. They do this by saying the fallowing chant when they fire the Zundar Needle:
     “Aurum”, “Argentum”  “Perla”,  “Donum!” 
   (アウルム・アルゲントゥム・ペルラ・ドヌム!, Aurumu arugento~umu perura donumu!)
  • Each of the Chevaliers carries his own sword (rapier) to which they can summon instantly, they all look the same.
  • Blur (pixelisation) as with the Battle Lovers/Defense Club, the chevaliers have their identities cloaked: Being their faces blurred/pixelated and their voices modified so other people including their enemies are unable to identify them.


Caerula Adamas (カエルラ・アダマス, Kaerura Adamasu) is Latin for "blue diamond" - the whole Blue Diamond/Gold/Silver/Pearl motif is an elaborate pun on a Japanese brand of washing powder! However, adamas, meaning diamond, also happens to mean "unconquerable".




Earth Conquest Club Transformations LOVE! S1 -V

Earth Conquest Club Transformations LOVE! S1 -V.S- LOVE! LOVE! S2

Earth Conquest Club Transformations LOVE! S1 -V.S- LOVE! LOVE! S2

Caerula Adamas Transform and Create a Monster S1 Ep 02-0

Caerula Adamas Transform and Create a Monster S1 Ep 02-0

Caerula Adamas Transform and Create a Monster S1 Ep 02


  • The Chevaliers’ names are all based on French heraldry nomenclature (Or- gold, Argent- silver + Akoya being perle). Or Aurite – Gold Argent – Silver Perlite - Mother-of-pearl.
  • The chant they use when firing a Zundar needle is all a reference to a famous present campaign from the 60’s for a laundry detergent called ‘Blue Diamond’. Their chant is in Latin, so, the subs went with Latin for everything, including subbing Orite as Aurite.The original material for this was the Caerula Adamas washing powder slogan and jingle – “gold, silver, pearl, present” (kin gin peeru puresento/ Latin and meaning “Gold, Silver, Pearl, Present!”). [1]
  • They can perform a group attack called Ultima Adamas (ウルティマ・アダマス Urutima adamasu) which is an attack that releases a ray/beam of each of their image colors at their enemies.
  • Caerula Adamas Chevalier uniforms bear some resemblance to the Shitennō 四天王; Four Heavenly Kings military uniforms from Pretty Soldier/Guardian Sailor Moon.[2] [3] [4]