• Smcandy10

    Hi' there everyone (^^),

    Once again I asking anywhere who the most active on this wika to help give me and others a hand here. If there any people out there that have more time to update any pages on this wikia it would greatly help. Weather it’s for additional page character information, images attacks, transformations and episode summaries or for items that the defense club (The Defense Club from seasons 1 & 2, Karurusu Knights Knights)or conquest club (Caerula Adamas or Edelstein/ The Furanui Knights) Galaxy Idol the Vepper ect use would also be greatly appreciated!

    I am currently trying to add new vids up with my own movie media player and what not but it takes time. And I also want to keep backups in case when I added them to my backup Y…

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  • Zeta0000

    Wikia Revamp

    April 9, 2018 by Zeta0000

    Calling all wikia accounts who want to edit and create content for this wikia, please comment on this blog post so I know who wants to get involved in revamping the site for the new series, as there has been practically no change in years.

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  • Smcandy10

    Hi's there everyone are we going to plan adding Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss!/Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss! to this wikia or will a separate fandom wikia be created for it?

    This newest Boueibu spinoff is set to air sometime next month of April 2018. I just wan tot know incase anything that will be added to from Boueibu Happy Kiss! will be removed from this wikia site

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  • Tama801

    it's quiet here o3o)

    September 17, 2017 by Tama801

    no one posts blog?

    but, heyy i just read an article about the OVA. it's in cinema for short time period. even though i've been waiting for the DVD to be released since long ago... (before it released in cinema) internalscreaming

    and hello btw~ ^o^)/

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