Each of the Princes have a Loveracelet, a bracelet with a coloured, heart-shaped jewel on it, that when kissed makes them undergo the Love Making Transformation to turn into Battle Lovers.

Each of the Princes have a different colour which also corresponds to each element, therefore:

Loveracelets Meaning
Yumoto Hakone kissing his braclet
Yumoto's Loveracelet is Red and corresponds to Light.
En Yufuin Loving Making
En's Loveracelet is Blue and corresponds to Water.
Atsushi Kinugawa Love Making
Atsushi's Loveracelet is Green and corresponds to Wind.
Io Naruko Love Making
Io's Loveracelet is Yellow and corresponds to Earth.
Ryuu Zao Love Making
Ryuu's Loveracelet is Pink and corresponds to Fire.
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