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Atsushi Kinugawa


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Biographical Information
Kanji 鬼怒川 熱史
Horoscope Libra
Birthday October 5th
Age 17-18
Affiliation The Earth Defense Club
School Binan High School
Relatives Older Sister
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Blue
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Hobbies Jigsaw puzzles
Likes Baths, Hot springs, Curry
Special Abilities
Attribute Green · Air
Transformation (Japanese) ツラヌキ王子バトラヴァ・エピナール
Transformation (Romaji) Tsuranuki Ouji, Batoru Rava Epināru
Transformation (English) Piercing Prince Battle Lover Epinard
Anime In The Name Of Love
Manga Chapter 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Kōtarō Nishiyama

Atsushi Kinugawa (鬼怒川 熱史, Kinugawa Atsushi) is a 3rd year at Binan High School and a member of the Earth Defense Club. He is known to have good grades, second to only Kinshiro.[1] He also seems to have known Kinshiro since they were children, having called each other "Kin-chan" and "Atchan".

As a Battle Lover, his given element is Wind, and he transforms into the "Piercing Prince, Battle Lover Epinard".(Tsuranuki Ouji, Battle Lover Epinard)


Atsushi has dark blue hair that goes down to his collar and his long bangs are unparted and go down to over his forehead and glasses. Atsushi also has brown eyes and never seems to appear without his glasses except whenever for when he is in the bath, and is one of the tallest of the Earth Defense Club.

He wears: a white shirt that is presumably tucked into his pants, a black uniform blazer which he has buttoned up, a red tie, a pair of long black pants, and a pair of brown shoes.

When he transforms into Piercing Prince, Battle Lover Epinard, his battle lover attire consists of a traditional prince-styled top with white puffed up sleeves that have green, flipped up cuffs with base extensions in the form of six coat tails which have a green underside, a green bow just below his neck that has a small, green, heart-shaped jewel with wings, embedded into it, a frilly white undershirt that barely peaks out of his traditional prince-styled top, a pair of white silk gloves, tight white pants which are tucked into his pair of knee height green boots.


Atsushi's personality is the reverse of that of En's. Kinugawa is serious and hardworking, unlike the laid-back and lazy Yufuin. Apparently, Atsushi seems to enjoy giving nicknames to his friends, having given one to Kinshiro (Kin-chan) and En (En-chan). Atsushi also appears as an excellent cook who can cook curry very well. However, when it comes to fights he can be very hesitant and passive in nature, as seen with his arguments with En on episode 8 and the flashbacks of his friendship with Kinshiro in various episodes.

Battle Lover Powers


  • "Because even though you may not feel the same way, I still think of you as a friend" (episode 12)


  • Like all the other main characters in the show, Atsushi's last name, "Kinugawa" (鬼怒川) is also derived from a Public Hot spring resort (onsen) in Japan, called the Kinugawa Onsen which is found in  Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture.
  • He's afraid of vaccinations.
  • He has an older sister.[2]
  • While looking at the shooting star with Kinshiro as kids, Atsushi desired to be a superhero.


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